Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nvidia to release Kepler based Quadro for Mac

Nvidia's Quadro K5000
Nvidia have announced the launch of a new Quadro card for the Mac, the K5000. Based on the Kepler chipset, this will be the most powerful graphics card that has ever been available for the Mac Pro.

The previous Mac compatible card was the Quadro 4000, which had 2GB of RAM, 256 CUDA cores and a memory bandwidth of 90GB/s

By comparison, the new Kepler based K5000 has 4GB of RAM, 1536 CUDA cores (!) and a memory bandwidth of 173 GB/s.

Now obviously this kind of performance doesn't come cheap and the K5000 has a list price of $2,250 dollars.

When you consider the price of a fully specced Mac Pro for editing or 3D that's not too bad (of course cheapskates like me can continue to use cards aimed at gamers :-)

The K5000 can also be paired with a Tesla card to create a real GPU computing powerhouse called "Maximus" :-)

Click here for more info on the K5000 from Nvidia.

Or here if you want to know how to get better performance on the cheap.

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