Monday, 10 September 2012

New Nvidia drivers for Mountain Lion

Hi all,

Just a quick post, I'm still away.

Nvidia have released new drivers for Mountain Lion, Version 304.

You can download them here and new CUDA drivers here

I have not had a chance to test them myself so I accept no responsibility for problems. :-)

When I get back I will load them on my system and let you know the results.

Keep watching!



  1. Dude.. Thanks for this.. I had no idea that you can use nvidia on mac. I read your article and went straight out to buy the gtx 660 ti, booted up mountain lion and wala.. I love it!!!! Borderlands 2 here I come...

  2. The GTX 660ti works perfect with AE and PR CS6 in my Mac Pro. I saved a lot of money, dropping the expensive quadro 4000 card from the Apple store.
    Very happy with this card!
    Thank you Neil!