Monday, 24 September 2012

IOS6 Maps affect Tripadvisor searches?

Way off my usual topics (more on the GTX 660ti soon)

I was in Notting Hill the other day, looking for somewhere to have lunch, so I fired up Tripadvisor to look for local restaurants. One of the suggestions was the restaurant "Bahnhof Nord" which sounded good.

I was curious about the #10 of 28 restaurants in Bottrop so I clicked on the entry to check the address...

Hmmm... don't remember that being in Notting Hill...

Apparently it is though. :-)

I have to assume this is a problem with the new maps in IOS6 affecting the search in Tripadvisor.

Although curiously it does show the bing logo and copyright Microsoft and Nokia at the bottom of the map...

Just for fun I checked the directions which showed it was a seven hour drive away :-)

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