Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12/12/12 upgrade to Vegas Pro 12 for $99.95

For those of you who also work on PC's :-) 

Vegas Pro is a very capable editing system, able to handle more formats than any other NLE natively and with GPU accelerated effects. A steal at this price.
Vegas Pro 12 just $99.95!!

Today's date isn't the only 12 that's creating some buzz - Vegas Pro 12 was just named Videomaker Magazine's Best Advanced Editing Software of 2012.

Upgrade to Vegas Pro 12, today only, for just $99.95* Click here

Why upgrade? This new version offers an extensive range of features that further expand the production power of Vegas Pro including:

* Project Interchange: Exchange project data with other popular editing platforms.
* Smart Proxy editing: Automatically and dynamically replace clips on the timeline with high-quality, edit-friendly HD proxies.
* New format support: Edit Panasonic P2 AVC-Intra and DVCPRO clips natively, and master to HDCAM SR at up to 880 Mb/s.
* Comprehensive S-log workflow: Preserve the dynamic range of your S-log footage with an integrated, end-to-end S-log production pipeline.
* Color Match OFX plug-in: Quickly and easily match the color characteristics of different video clips using the ultra-wide L*a*b color space.
* Expanded Edit mode: Fine-tune the timing of your project interactively while the timeline is playing back.
* Project Media Tagging: Fast, effective media searching using Quick Tags and Smart Bins.
* Updated Masking tools: New masking shapes are now available, plus Effects Masking for quickly obscuring a face or logo.
* Stereoscopic Auto-Pairing: Bulk pairing of stereoscopic subclips on the timeline for more efficient 3D editing.

Learn more about these and all the new features of Vegas Pro 12 at:

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